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Founded in 1982, APOZA is an outstanding manufacturer of dental, medical, and cosmetology devices based in Taiwan in Asia. With accumulated skills and enhanced product quality from years of experience, APOZA has expertise in the design and manufacturing wide-ranging of instruments and equipment. With a qualified research and development team, APOZA strives to discover more holistic, innovative, and comprehensive solutions to support dental, medical, and cosmetology practices. Moreover, every development and manufacturing process is monitored under a strict quality control policy. The highest standard is guaranteed and sustained, and the best quality is delivered to every client. APOZA supplies products to over 60 countries and achieved satisfaction from more than 400,000 dentists. By continually strengthening capabilities and enhancing product quality, we look forward to becoming the most trusted source of advanced dental and medical equipment.

PRODUCT LINES: Ozone Disinfector, Ozone Therapy Device, AUTOCLAVE, LED Curing Light and Bleaching Unit

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